Saturday, 13 August 2011

just a quickie

Actually managed to get some work today :D dads away so ive got his bar shift tonight well in 2 hours actually xD hopefully i can work till midnight and actually make some decent money (y) (for a change)

on another note, i watched "unknown" last night which i thought wa sactually a rather good film, if uve ever seen "Taken" (also with  Liam Neeson) then you will most likely also enjoy "unknown"

Any suggestions for any realted films like this or just any other "decent" films i could watch, woud be appreciated :)

Thts all for today:p


  1. Hmm not really related,
    but you could try From Paris With Love.

  2. Yes, Taken is really great film!

  3. I love working at my friends' bar!!! :)
    BTW I'd suggest you "Hop" :D LOL It's funny!

  4. Taken was ok, try watching The Terminator

  5. Taken in my opinion sucked, so infering from your words i will not enjoy Unknown. I'm so furious with filmakers usin Liam Neeson in action movies fighting bad guys, he's such a great actor he should have better roles. On the other hand i really enjoy reading your posts, followed.

  6. Taken was the shit. Not seen unknown yet.