Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Busy week!

Absolutely overloaded with school work atm :'( Just a joke really, some how got to try and keep on top of it all :/ and ive still had no luck at all with finding a car :@

And the idea of even getting a job is now just ridculous, the amount of work i have means theres no point even looking really cause i wouldnt have time for it :S so major loss in money :(

Just want this whole academic year to be over, have me decent grades and be able to enjoy my summer holidays! i know its a bit early to be thinking of summer again but all i know is wen it hits summer i get my social life back! well and general rest of my life back aswell :D

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

And some bad news...

So i was lead to believe that "my" cars MOT expired this August 2011 but it was actually 2010 and since then has been just sitting on the owners drive way :/ Which means that the engine and most other important components of the car will just be dead :( and obvs cant even do a test drive to see whats broken without an MOT (a legal test drive anyway :P )

So its back to the drawing boards for now, even after i got my Insurance down to the lowest yet :'( arg life is too annoying :@

Doing some checks last night and Insurance on some newer cars actually works out cheaper than the old ones! D: BUT i would need like a loan to afford a brand new car :( so thts just not a workable plan (n)

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Finally i have some good news! :D

I have finally decided what im going to study at university which means i can get going on my personal statement which was due in last week :L just gotta figure out exactly what to write in that now lmao :/

AND i have found a car, going to check it out at the weekend but its from a friend so minus having to test my driving skills with power steering im pretty much garunteed getting it :D after 3 months of waiting...

Now i know what im doing gotta put in serious hard work for the grades and work even harder at the weekend to earn enough money to pay for my car insurance xD

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Next Bar Shift

Ok so today i got my seond shift at the bar today:D

Well i say at the bar bt really i did everything today :L I spent one hour behind the bar serving  few drinks before then being dragged into the kitchen :s where i then had to begin to serve food to the 78 diners in the restaurant!

Which tbh started alright was just takin plates out with food and putting them infront of everyone, but one the starters were out the way i got sent into the kitchen :/ where i then spent the next 3 HOURS drying up :'( There was no dishwasher so alll the dishes, and cutlery had to be washed by hand (n) never had to stand for so long in my life xD or dry up quite so much, the plates just kept appearing :l

The whole afternoon was made alright once we finished all the staff got together for an after work drink... or two  :D and obviously working in the kitchen id been able to pick at all the left over food all afternoon so i was feeling quite full :)

Friday, 16 September 2011


so just got the aweful news today that my dogs gonna have to be put down :( Hes been ill for a few week now but only th last few weeks has it become serious like serious wait loss and stuff. Got the reuslts back from numerous test this afternoon and he has cancer :L which has apparently spread everywhere from his liver and  got into the blood now so basically there just nothing they can do :'(

Hes only 6 aswell! 7 this year, not sure what im gonna do without him around :/ Hate spending one night in the house without him let alone for ever :s any other dog owners will be able to understand this im sure.

And do you want to know a really sick joke! still the most important thing to the reception woman was whether we had paid for all of the treatments up to date D: i swear i could have killed her :@

So now weve brought him home for a few days T.L.C and then gotta make the decision when we think its time to take him back :/ which i dont think ill ever be able to make, bt on the same side i dont want him to suffer so ill have to give in eventually :'( Honestly is the worst day of my life to date (n)

Thank you pet insurance though! the amoutn of pills theyve got him on to try and help would not have been ablt to afford all of them :L

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Annoying day :(

So today was the second day back at school :l which tbh is rather rubbish even though theres a whole new massive english, history and science department :/ spent my morning doing assignments that were set for this year before the summer break even began! The new floor they put down they polished with sum silicon based polish D: so all the corridors and STAIRS were like an ice rink :L shame i didnt injure my self really could of sued them for thousands xD

And then really annoyed with my self tonight, sorted everything out to meet my mates at gym tonight and made sure it was still happening just before i got ready, and then i went and fell asleep :@ by the time i awoke it was far to late to go as you would expect :( so not particually happy really :/

Topped off by a full morning of school tomorrow :'(

Friday, 9 September 2011

car update

Ok so to attempt to speed up the whole process of me actually getting my car, which tbh seems to be taking the piss at the moment :'( seem to have been waiting months but i understand obvs its got to be the correct car and be safe and everything :/ just wish i knew a bit more, well something about cars so i could go and get it my self :( but i wouldnt even know how to begin running checks on it xD

Anyway i have now got a second person on the job of lookin for a car now so hopefully between both of them i will soon have one, maybe even in time for my birthday... and these guy will be fully checking out the cars, putting them on a ramp, everything to make sure its all good :D) oh and im rubbish at bartering with prices (N) i always end up just paying more than i need too :(