Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Busy week!

Absolutely overloaded with school work atm :'( Just a joke really, some how got to try and keep on top of it all :/ and ive still had no luck at all with finding a car :@

And the idea of even getting a job is now just ridculous, the amount of work i have means theres no point even looking really cause i wouldnt have time for it :S so major loss in money :(

Just want this whole academic year to be over, have me decent grades and be able to enjoy my summer holidays! i know its a bit early to be thinking of summer again but all i know is wen it hits summer i get my social life back! well and general rest of my life back aswell :D

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

And some bad news...

So i was lead to believe that "my" cars MOT expired this August 2011 but it was actually 2010 and since then has been just sitting on the owners drive way :/ Which means that the engine and most other important components of the car will just be dead :( and obvs cant even do a test drive to see whats broken without an MOT (a legal test drive anyway :P )

So its back to the drawing boards for now, even after i got my Insurance down to the lowest yet :'( arg life is too annoying :@

Doing some checks last night and Insurance on some newer cars actually works out cheaper than the old ones! D: BUT i would need like a loan to afford a brand new car :( so thts just not a workable plan (n)

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Finally i have some good news! :D

I have finally decided what im going to study at university which means i can get going on my personal statement which was due in last week :L just gotta figure out exactly what to write in that now lmao :/

AND i have found a car, going to check it out at the weekend but its from a friend so minus having to test my driving skills with power steering im pretty much garunteed getting it :D after 3 months of waiting...

Now i know what im doing gotta put in serious hard work for the grades and work even harder at the weekend to earn enough money to pay for my car insurance xD

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Next Bar Shift

Ok so today i got my seond shift at the bar today:D

Well i say at the bar bt really i did everything today :L I spent one hour behind the bar serving  few drinks before then being dragged into the kitchen :s where i then had to begin to serve food to the 78 diners in the restaurant!

Which tbh started alright was just takin plates out with food and putting them infront of everyone, but one the starters were out the way i got sent into the kitchen :/ where i then spent the next 3 HOURS drying up :'( There was no dishwasher so alll the dishes, and cutlery had to be washed by hand (n) never had to stand for so long in my life xD or dry up quite so much, the plates just kept appearing :l

The whole afternoon was made alright once we finished all the staff got together for an after work drink... or two  :D and obviously working in the kitchen id been able to pick at all the left over food all afternoon so i was feeling quite full :)

Friday, 16 September 2011


so just got the aweful news today that my dogs gonna have to be put down :( Hes been ill for a few week now but only th last few weeks has it become serious like serious wait loss and stuff. Got the reuslts back from numerous test this afternoon and he has cancer :L which has apparently spread everywhere from his liver and  got into the blood now so basically there just nothing they can do :'(

Hes only 6 aswell! 7 this year, not sure what im gonna do without him around :/ Hate spending one night in the house without him let alone for ever :s any other dog owners will be able to understand this im sure.

And do you want to know a really sick joke! still the most important thing to the reception woman was whether we had paid for all of the treatments up to date D: i swear i could have killed her :@

So now weve brought him home for a few days T.L.C and then gotta make the decision when we think its time to take him back :/ which i dont think ill ever be able to make, bt on the same side i dont want him to suffer so ill have to give in eventually :'( Honestly is the worst day of my life to date (n)

Thank you pet insurance though! the amoutn of pills theyve got him on to try and help would not have been ablt to afford all of them :L

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Annoying day :(

So today was the second day back at school :l which tbh is rather rubbish even though theres a whole new massive english, history and science department :/ spent my morning doing assignments that were set for this year before the summer break even began! The new floor they put down they polished with sum silicon based polish D: so all the corridors and STAIRS were like an ice rink :L shame i didnt injure my self really could of sued them for thousands xD

And then really annoyed with my self tonight, sorted everything out to meet my mates at gym tonight and made sure it was still happening just before i got ready, and then i went and fell asleep :@ by the time i awoke it was far to late to go as you would expect :( so not particually happy really :/

Topped off by a full morning of school tomorrow :'(

Friday, 9 September 2011

car update

Ok so to attempt to speed up the whole process of me actually getting my car, which tbh seems to be taking the piss at the moment :'( seem to have been waiting months but i understand obvs its got to be the correct car and be safe and everything :/ just wish i knew a bit more, well something about cars so i could go and get it my self :( but i wouldnt even know how to begin running checks on it xD

Anyway i have now got a second person on the job of lookin for a car now so hopefully between both of them i will soon have one, maybe even in time for my birthday... and these guy will be fully checking out the cars, putting them on a ramp, everything to make sure its all good :D) oh and im rubbish at bartering with prices (N) i always end up just paying more than i need too :(

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The begining

So i learnt today that i do thankfully still have a place in 6th form but rather than being allowed to start again to lessen the load of exams i have been made to just carry on, so i now have to complete 8 exams at christmas  instead of 3 :/ which could be rather intresting :'(
Gonna be an intresting next few months (n) got tomorrow and the weekend to get my self fully sorted out before the serious work begins on monday morning, seriously not looking forward to that :(

How ever since i am soon to get my car im just looking forward to being able to drive to and from school, especially since i now have a lot more free periods (Y) Gonna be a bit stuck for cash with the insurance, gotta find a job...

Monday, 5 September 2011

London Eye pics

As promised here are the pictures taken from the London Eye (once again only a small collection though :p)

The Eye
Houses of Parliament + Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

looking down the river
Unfortunatly there wasnt a chance to get a sunset picture in london since we were back on the coach by the time the sun was setting :( would of loved to of got one from the eye :/

Sunday, 4 September 2011

London Photos (a small selection :p)

Bobby Moore statue

                                                    The tunnel
                                           The Press room
                                          One end of the pitch...
                                          And then the other :P
                                           The arch

And a very "intesting" maybe even weird fact i was told whilst on the tour:
Wembley stadium has how many toilets do you think ? mayb e 500, maybe slightly higher... Oh no a grand total of 2,863 or summi tlik etht :L also they serve/ have the capacity to serve 33,000 pints every 10 minutes D:

Pictures from the london eye to follow 2moz ;)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lads surviving

Spent the whole of last night "trying" to cook a curry which turned out intresting to say the very least and so tonight i made the decision that for all our sakes wed just order take-away xD so dominos pizza it was :D which i have to say was extremely nice! and coke to drink:/ and resorted to maccies for lunch :) absolute minimal effort at all costs! haha
As tends to happen when u stay with mates, we never actually went to bed until 4 am D: so extremely tired :( but we will once again be up until atleast 3 probably even 4 again! cause were just tht clever...

Got sum photos from my london trip which i think some of you might like, so im working on uploading the best of those tomorrow night (Y)

Brought a new BB gun today as well, which is the replacement for the one i got in verona which broke after shooting 2 bullets!!!!! obviously the stuff abroad is even worse than what we have here xD haha upload a pic of tht 2moz as well maybe :P

off to watch the new transformers now anyway :D cya

Thursday, 1 September 2011

London Trip

So today i was up at 7AM :O which was a huge shock to the system i can tell you:( after usually waking up around 12 as normal people do xD haha and basically had a logn 3 hour coach journey there which was ok for a coach journey i guess.

The first item for the day was a guided tour around Wembley Stadium!!! which was actually amazing, got to visit all the changing rooms, the press room, the royal box and walk through the tunnel to the side of the pitch :D as always not actually allowed to go on the actual pitch :'(

After this we carried on driving in to the heart of London towards the London Eye which was our second venture of the day. after queueing for what was quite a short time in comparrison to the size of the queue we finally got on the eye :) which was brilliant, clear blue sky so then proceeded to take numerous birds eye pictures of London, a few of which i might upload 2moz ;)
bad part of the day being it took 5 hours to get home :L which really wasnt good, especially if your stuck on the motorway an hour from a services and you need the toilet :l (note there was no coach toilet) D:

 anyway enough of this i am tired xD

so until 2moz goodnight :P

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Another Photo i took on holiday :P

A coastal view with bright blue sky and sun D: shocking xD

Oh and i should hopefully have my car within the next 1 -2 weeks! Very excited :P

Monday, 29 August 2011

so tired :'(

so normally im one of these people that stay up until about 2:30 am / 3am in the morning watching films and updating fb or what ever and find any reason at all to try and not have to sleep although i absolutely love sleep! But after this family holiday ive been on(home 2moz) ive actually hit a point of tiredness now which has made me want to actually go to bed at a reasonable time D:

Its an absolute first! completely shocked at my self, almost dissapointed xD mind you i have been swimming in the sea for the past 4 days in a row! wud help on the drive home but wait cant afford to get on mom insurance... stupid dam thing:@

Also i have a NEW "Sunset" picture to upload that i got this week, really beautiful pic :) shall try and upload it tomorrow depednig on what time i get home :P hopefully itll be as goood as the other one

Sunday, 28 August 2011

100 followers! :D

 At long last i have finally reached 100 followers, which i am very proud of :)

Thank you so much to everyone (Y)

right off to the beach now anyway, weather is lovely so might even get a swim !

Saturday, 27 August 2011

The regatte

Had a rather intresting morning, had to wake up at like half 8 :'( then head down to town for all of the events! there was a trolley race which consisted of a trolley with a fuel tank(can with lots of holes in) which had to continuously be refilled by another team member or you werent allowed to move :l the famous "tug of war", which after the stupid amounts of rain we had last night was quite funny xD and had i not been wearing beauge shorts and white trainers id have joined in the public "tug" but i decided i didnt really have the right clothes on for rolling around in mud in :/

Then i had a really nice hot roast pork bap, from a whole pig that had been slow roasted :D was really nice and a few pints of beer to help wash it all down :)

and quite a weird experience just now :S we watched some water polo games(first time ever played in the regatte) in the boat float :L which was really nasty water. never seen it played before really and looked rather violent! didnt realise it was such a big sport tbh, any of you guys ever play/ played it ?

curry and a few pints planned for dinner tonight as well, followed by massive firework display, fair ground and maybe a few more pints ... Haha

Friday, 26 August 2011

holiday adventures

Had a rather intresting swim today off the coast of devon:l it was raining and was bloody freezing! suprisingly my family was the only people swimming in this little cove and im sure probably the only people on the whole nsouth coast dum enough to go swimming in this weather.

Never ever been so cold in my entire life was shaking for like an hour after we got out, even with a hot chocolate D:

Anyway been home and had a nice warm shower now so feeling much better and just preparing for the air show thts going on for the regatte (Y) got drinks and lots of food for the  rest of the night so should be rather good. will try and get sum pictures for you if i can. gutted that i wont be seeing the red arrows tonight though :(

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Slightly later than i expected bu ti am finally back now :D

Had an intresting 2 day leadership course at some weird school where we basically did team building exercises to meet all these new people which was pointless because as soon as we actually knew them it was time to leave :l anyway been a long few days and a long journey today to join a family holiday xD the fun never seems to end ... haha

anyway proper update 2moz for you all, headin off to bed very soon(Y)


Monday, 22 August 2011

goodbye :P

Thought id do just one final post before i go xD hopefully back up and running on wednesday (y) have a good 2 days without me ;) cya!

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Ahh but public transport sucks :( it always takes for ever,is never on time and costs a fortune :l thanks for all the suggestions about other insuance and where to get my car from :) i shall have a look tonight and keep you all updated ;) Just need to feel the freedom of owning my own car, agreed though having a gf to drive u around works just as well though (y)
Yh the box is good though, it allows the people who are prepared to drive "properly" to afford the insurance and if you dont then you pay for it... literally

How ever tonight will be the last post for awhile, since im away next week but i have been promised internet access by wednesday :/ so fingers crossed tht actually happens! or i wont be happy :'(

and also linked to the news D: (shock horror) i was meant to be seeing the red arrows fly next friday! but now im nto gonna get to see them after that awful crash (N)

bye for now:p

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wanting a car :(

Ok guys so i passed my test over a month ago now and i REALLY want my own car which i think is gonna be... you guessed it a Voxhall corsa. im told these are the most reliable old cars, since its needs to be atleast 10 years old for me to afford it xD

However the next problem to arise with buying a car is the insurance :l finding anything less than like £5000 has been quite a challenge:( However! i have finally manage dto find some affordable insurance!!! but as you might have guessed there is a catch...

The insurance its self can be brought for around £1200 which is consideraby better/ cheaper than anything else i have found, but its one of these where you have to have a little box installed in your car which monitors your driving basically. theyll shove the premium up if you go over an speed limits, take corners too fast or accelerate or brake to hard! which at first thought sounds very shit i know, bt then i decided if it was a choice to either not drive at all! or be abke to drive and follow these rules then im gonna have t stick to these rules :/

Anyone else having similar problems or even possibly  have found a better solution :p ?

Thursday, 18 August 2011


recieved my AS results today and they werent what i was expecting at all :( completely screwed me over, so not particually happy atm really, probab,y gonna have to start 6th form again :/

well least i have longer to plan for unis nows and decide what career path i want to take :/ and evrything that i learnt last year can only make this year be a breeze now so in a way its all positive minus having to now miss my gap year(n) ah well least ill save money i suppose xD

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I always thought that HTC's were a really cool phone and i couldnt wait to get one. How ever now ive actually got one (HTC wildfire) i have discovered its actually the worst phone ive ever had :l The processor is rubbish! screen always freezes i hate the texting feature and as a frequent texter this really isnt great :( Unless i decide to pay for another phone my self im stuck with this thing for the next 2 yers D: really not good. Anyone else have problems liek this/ dislike the HTC's

Absolutey knackered after a long bike ride today bt was gd meeting with my 2 best mates :D kinda very nervous about tomorrow though :'( results days are never good news (n)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bar work: continuation

to finish off the story related to my bar work:

No more shifts at the bar for me now for atleast a month ive been told :O got no functions coming up and they have enogh staff already to cover the normal shifts :/ and its meant to be supporting the owner of the bar, but basically you end up running it cause he likes "the odd" drink :/ once id learnt how to do everything he was off havin a fag and god knows what else for the rest of the time :l felt kind of cool being left in charge of the bar by my self :D only complicated thing was attempting to add up all the prices/running total in your head, since we couldnt add up on the till :( and then had to figure out the correct change as well D: so i feel tht i deffinately worked for my money!

So for now, like the rest of you, its back to job hunting for me (n)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Fun ?

Dont you all just love these random entertainers... always littering the streets. anyway this is one that i found on my recent trip to verona :P admitidly it is rather weird but amusing at the same time dont u think ;) ?

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Quick update from yesterday: First nights work at a bar went great! the san-miguel was a bit dodgey but managed to earn my self £33 quick for 5 hours work:D just gotta pray for another shift some time soon
The most boring day of the week as i see it :/ never much going on and have to deal with a "family sunday roast" and lucky me, we have a family party later to celebrate the return of my brother from his gap year... joy of joys xD

anyone else agree?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

just a quickie

Actually managed to get some work today :D dads away so ive got his bar shift tonight well in 2 hours actually xD hopefully i can work till midnight and actually make some decent money (y) (for a change)

on another note, i watched "unknown" last night which i thought wa sactually a rather good film, if uve ever seen "Taken" (also with  Liam Neeson) then you will most likely also enjoy "unknown"

Any suggestions for any realted films like this or just any other "decent" films i could watch, woud be appreciated :)

Thts all for today:p

Friday, 12 August 2011

Care to guess the location :p ?
im working on finding more pictures to similar quality and "beauty" as "Sunset" bt im still working on getting them all off my camera :/ so heres a "ok" one for u instead to keep u  going ;)


Cant actually stand this weather :'( pretty much ruins any plans to do anything! another day stuck inside:@ hopefully will be going gym later so shouldnt be too bad(y) i have also recently discovered "Love Film" on my PS3(taking advantage of the 30 days free trial) and its actually brilliant! even if u sign up for it and pay its still only the price of lik eone DVD/Blueray disk :l  very worth it :D
anyway off to watch yet another film xD cya

Thursday, 11 August 2011


one of my better photos (y)


Some how managed to sleep until half 12 today :l my job for the afternoon is to apply for jobs online:( which is an extrememly long and broing process, any clues as to where i can get a job would be appreciated! since it now seems no where accepts papers CV's its all done online now :'( what a joyful afternoon i have ahead of me and then get to work collecting money for an hour. sometimes wish i could just keep all the money though:/ ahh well of for sum lunch anyway

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


todays events:

Hi all,

Went into wolvo city centre day, i missed the clear up bt the damage was still clear to see all of the shop with borded windows and many shops on the main high street either closing early or starting the process of boarding up the whole shop in preperation for tonights "attacks" which thankfully never happened in the end (y) also saw numerous reporters around the city, including Nick Robinson :l i cudnt help but laugh when i saw these two 12-13 yr olds being arrested by police, been running round shouting abuse attempting to cause trouble all afternoon! if u ask me they shud have started using rubber bullets on saturday, prevented all this shit!! left town at 4 just incase since the poilic presence was increasing :/
Then watched everything else on the news from home and twitter(y)