Wednesday, 10 August 2011


todays events:

Hi all,

Went into wolvo city centre day, i missed the clear up bt the damage was still clear to see all of the shop with borded windows and many shops on the main high street either closing early or starting the process of boarding up the whole shop in preperation for tonights "attacks" which thankfully never happened in the end (y) also saw numerous reporters around the city, including Nick Robinson :l i cudnt help but laugh when i saw these two 12-13 yr olds being arrested by police, been running round shouting abuse attempting to cause trouble all afternoon! if u ask me they shud have started using rubber bullets on saturday, prevented all this shit!! left town at 4 just incase since the poilic presence was increasing :/
Then watched everything else on the news from home and twitter(y)

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  1. The whole logic behind the riots is deeply flawed, "We're not being showed proper justice, lets go burn some stuff and then get pissed off at the police for arresting us"