Friday, 16 September 2011


so just got the aweful news today that my dogs gonna have to be put down :( Hes been ill for a few week now but only th last few weeks has it become serious like serious wait loss and stuff. Got the reuslts back from numerous test this afternoon and he has cancer :L which has apparently spread everywhere from his liver and  got into the blood now so basically there just nothing they can do :'(

Hes only 6 aswell! 7 this year, not sure what im gonna do without him around :/ Hate spending one night in the house without him let alone for ever :s any other dog owners will be able to understand this im sure.

And do you want to know a really sick joke! still the most important thing to the reception woman was whether we had paid for all of the treatments up to date D: i swear i could have killed her :@

So now weve brought him home for a few days T.L.C and then gotta make the decision when we think its time to take him back :/ which i dont think ill ever be able to make, bt on the same side i dont want him to suffer so ill have to give in eventually :'( Honestly is the worst day of my life to date (n)

Thank you pet insurance though! the amoutn of pills theyve got him on to try and help would not have been ablt to afford all of them :L


  1. I'm sorry for your loss dude.. I had to put my cat to sleep as well this month, she was 16 years old. I believe it's the best thing you can provide your pet as they can't understand/withstand suffering.