Sunday, 18 September 2011

Next Bar Shift

Ok so today i got my seond shift at the bar today:D

Well i say at the bar bt really i did everything today :L I spent one hour behind the bar serving  few drinks before then being dragged into the kitchen :s where i then had to begin to serve food to the 78 diners in the restaurant!

Which tbh started alright was just takin plates out with food and putting them infront of everyone, but one the starters were out the way i got sent into the kitchen :/ where i then spent the next 3 HOURS drying up :'( There was no dishwasher so alll the dishes, and cutlery had to be washed by hand (n) never had to stand for so long in my life xD or dry up quite so much, the plates just kept appearing :l

The whole afternoon was made alright once we finished all the staff got together for an after work drink... or two  :D and obviously working in the kitchen id been able to pick at all the left over food all afternoon so i was feeling quite full :)


  1. You're a bartender? That must be a really fun job.

  2. Considering it's Tuesday and you're still moaning about your legs. I do believe this was a hard shift :p