Wednesday, 28 September 2011

And some bad news...

So i was lead to believe that "my" cars MOT expired this August 2011 but it was actually 2010 and since then has been just sitting on the owners drive way :/ Which means that the engine and most other important components of the car will just be dead :( and obvs cant even do a test drive to see whats broken without an MOT (a legal test drive anyway :P )

So its back to the drawing boards for now, even after i got my Insurance down to the lowest yet :'( arg life is too annoying :@

Doing some checks last night and Insurance on some newer cars actually works out cheaper than the old ones! D: BUT i would need like a loan to afford a brand new car :( so thts just not a workable plan (n)

1 comment:

  1. that sucks...even do i dont have a car, i want one so bad! i hope you get your things together :)